5 Things You Should Never Do When Reviewing for PTE

When reviewing for a high-stakes exam like the PTE Academic, it is crucial that you maximize your study period. Be strategic with how you plan to spend your preparation weeks. Many test takers wisely rely on exceptional training facilities, like the PTE review in Makati, to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the test.

As PTE passers, the instructors of the PTE review in Makati know all the ins and outs of the language proficiency evaluation. They can provide not only comprehensive lectures about the test essentials but also tried-and-tested strategies on how to handle the critical components of the exam.

Supplement your PTE Academic review efforts with good study habits to guarantee good performance during the exam. More importantly, make sure that your preparation practices are not marred by bad study habits. Never do the following things while you are preparing to avoid hindering your PTE venture.

study habits

For PTE Academic Review Center Students:

  • Never write down everything during review lectures. Keep in mind that most of what training facilities do are revisit and reexamine the English grammar rules you learned in school. Avoid writing down everything that they say. Take note only of the key points and techniques that the instructors would teach you.
  • Never hesitate to ask questions. If you encounter any difficulties or stumble over a lesson, do not hesitate to ask your PTE Academic instructors for clarifications. Remember, you are attending these lessons to be prepared for your exam. Set aside your shyness, raise your hand, and ask your queries. Request more examples to help you comprehend complex topics better.
  • Never rely solely on your training program. Do not limit your preparation practices to your PTE Academic classes. Apply what you have learned in your everyday activities. Communicate with your peers using English and be mindful of your grammar. Practice essay-writing, improve your listening skills, and expand your vocabulary.

For Test Takers who Chose to Self-study:

  • Never procrastinate. The bane of every test taker’s life: procrastination. The lack of a regular study schedule – such as those who are enrolled in training facilities have – tends to elevate the chances of wasting preparation time. Avoid this pitfall by establishing your own review schedule and following it.
  • Never memorize grammar principles. Focus more on understanding, applying and mastering them. The PTE Academic test does not test your memorization skills; it evaluates your English communication abilities.

Whether you are taking PTE Academic a week or simply self-studying, consider the bad study practices mentioned above while you prepare for the PTE test. Make sure that you are not committing any of them to have a flawless and productive preparation period.

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