5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Critical-thinking Skills

Did you know that boosting your critical-thinking skills is essential in your PTE Academic preparation? As a student enrolled in a PTE Philippines review center, it is essential to look for practical tips that can help boost not only your critical-thinking but also your communication skills. For instance, below are simple ways that you can apply in your exam preparation.

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Critical-thinking Skills

Critical thinking is the ability to acquire information rationally and to understand the logical connection between ideas. If you’re a test taker enrolled in a PTE review center in Baguio, read and follow these five simple yet effective ways to boost your critical-thinking skills:

1. Read books

Studies show that reading various kinds of books increases your vocabulary, as well as your critical-thinking skills. During your study time, look for different types of books and read them one at a time.

2. Ask questions

Critical-thinkers often ask basic questions when they are trying to solve a specific problem. If you encounter a difficult lesson in your PTE review classes, start asking yourself these two simple questions:

• Which parts of the lesson do you find the most difficult to understand?

• What do you want to learn about the lesson?

3. Grasp your mental process

Mental process is the cognitive operation of recalling ideas and concepts. Keeping an eye on your mental process plays a vital role in boosting your critical-thinking skills. It helps you determine the factors that affect your mental process and how to avoid them when recalling information.

4. Practice thinking in reverse

The basic idea of thinking in reverse is the structure of the famous case of the chicken and the egg. Here is an example:

Suppose that Idea A is the cause of Idea B in a given situation. Ask yourself, what if Idea B is also the cause of Idea A?

Thinking in reverse allows you to analyze complex ideas and to understand the sequence of ideas in a specific text.

5. Organize ideas using graphic organizers

Using graphic organizers is also important in boosting your critical-thinking skills. Your review classes in a PTE Philippines review center is the perfect place to look for different graphic organizers that you can use when organizing ideas and concepts of a specific text. To guide you more, below are some examples of graphic organizers:

• Fishbone Diagram
• Spider Diagram
• Cause and Effect Chart
• Flow Chart
• Persuasion Map

Want to know more details about these graphic organizers? Check out our blog archives!

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