5 Journal Prompts to Enhance Your PTE Writing Skills

The best way to enhance your writing skills and become a good writer is by simply writing more. Although quality may be more important than quantity, all great writers understand that it is the quantity of practice that enables them to produce the highest quality of work. For exam takers who are attending a Pearson Test of English Philippines review center, finding ways to improve their writing skills is vital as it can help develop their PTE preparation. For instance, using journal prompts is a great way to enrich your writing skills.

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What are journal prompts?

Journal prompts are simple statements that motivate writers to have an idea of what to write. These can be used by anyone to help them overcome writer’s block. Journal prompts are also great for assisting aspiring writers to get into journal writing. To boost your interest even more, here are the benefits of using journal prompts in your PTE training:

  • Journal prompts exercise your imagination.
  • Journal prompts can raise your critical-thinking skills.
  • Journal prompts challenge you to answer a variety of issues and questions.
  • Journal prompts can help you build a writing habit.

One of the best things about using journal prompts is that there are no rules. You can read one journal prompt in the morning, keep it in your mind all day, and spend at least an hour writing before going to bed. To get you started, here are five journal prompts that you can apply in your PTE training:

1. The writer I most admire is…

Select a writer who has influenced you as a reader and as a writer. What has he or she taught you about writing? What about his or her writing style do you like most? You can also write about his/her life, inspiration and accomplishment.

2. My favorite book is…

Choose a book that you loved the most. Why did you pick that book? What is your favorite part of the book? Discuss the essential information about the book and how it affects you as an aspiring writer.

3. My biggest writing goal is…

Visualize yourself a few years from now. What do you wish to have achieved or improved as a writer? What writing style do you want to be working on? You can also write about your aspirations in writing a book or a movie script.

4. The story would be totally different if…

Pick a story that you know well—your favorite film, short story, play or family anecdote—and change some parts of it. For example, you can change the ending of your favorite film or add more characters in a short story that you have read.

5. The stranger in the street is—

Spend some time watching people walking at the streets. Choose someone who looks interesting, and write a fictional life story about him or her. Where is he or she going? What is she or he thinking? Expand your imagination to boost the story.

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