5 Most Effective Tactics to Ace the PTE Listening Test

No matter how insignificant or life-changing an examination is, there is only one sure-fire way to accomplish excellent test mark – and that is through adequate review preparations. Thus, as a Pearson Test of English (PTE) test taker, it is imperative that you make the most out of your PTE review. Enrolling in an excellent training facility, like the PTE review in Makati, can significantly elevate your chances of securing your desired score.

PTE review courses cover all the test essentials – from the evaluation’s various test formats to its overall contents. To help exam takers acclimate to the assessment’s demands, the instructors of the PTE review in Makati provide comprehensive PTE discussions, utilize quality training materials, and facilitate mock tests.


Effective Tactics to Ace the PTE Listening Test


One of the primary focuses of PTE review courses is the evaluation’s Listening exam,the second component of the PTE evaluation., Test takers can accomplish the Listening assessment in 45 to 57 minutes. It has eight parts which include:

  • summarizing spoken text;
  • multiple choice questions;
  • filling the blanks;
  • highlighting the correct summary;
  • selecting missing word;
  • highlighting incorrect words; and
  • writing from dictation.

Do not underestimate the PTE Listening exam. As simple as it sounds, the listening evaluation challenges not only your ability to understand spoken English but also your capacity to multitask and internalize information immediately. Here are some of the effective strategies that PTE review instructors will tell you.

    • Read the questions before listening to the audio material. Establish context and try to predict the possible answers based on the limited information given. Having an idea of what to expect makes it easier to pinpoint the answers in the recording.


    • Take down notes. Learn shorthand writing or develop your writing rate. Jot down key points and other significant details while you listen to the recording. Do not write word for word. Focus on listing down the essentials and worry about grammar and structure later when you are establishing your final answers.


    • Familiarize yourself with various English accents. The accents of the English speakers in the PTE audio materials can originate from various places around the world. You can encounter American, English, Canadian, New Zealand, and even Australian accent. For maximum understanding, familiarize yourself with the distinct English accents around the globe.


    • Listen well. Finish the recording first before selecting your answers. Pay attention to frequency words – like “never,” “always,” “often,” “sometimes,” “all,” and “never many” – and determine how they are applied to a passage. Be aware that most of the answers you are looking for are paraphrased.


    • Check your spellings, capitalization, and grammar. Be aware that the way a word is pronounced is not always congruent to how the term is spelled. Build up your vocabulary and be hyper aware of how words are enunciated and how they are written. Do not forget to capitalize proper nouns and ensure correct grammar application.


Elevate your chances of securing your PTE Listening score goal. Enroll in an excellent PTE review and consider the test strategies mentioned above.

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