5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your PTE Writing Score

Preparing for the PTE Academic test can be tough. As a PTE test taker, the best thing that you can do is to enroll in a PTE preparation online course program. During your online review sessions, you will learn various test-taking strategies and study tips that can help boost your communications skills and ace the PTE Academic test.

PTE preparation online

Aside from enrolling in a PTE online review course program, it is also essential to know the things that you need to avoid during the PTE Academic test. For instance, here are the five common mistakes that you must avoid during the PTE writing test:

1. Writing less than or more than the word limit

The PTE writing test consists of two sections: summarize written text and essay writing. In the summarize written text, your task is to write a full, single sentence of no more than 75 words. In essay writing, you must write an essay with 200–300 words. However, some test takers tend to write less or more than the required word limit, which causes them to get a lower PTE writing score.

To avoid this, organize your thoughts and ideas before writing your responses in each PTE writing section. Check the word count at the bottom of the screen to see whether or not you have reached the required word limit.

2. Not writing the conclusion

The concluding statement is the most important part of an essay. It summarizes all the essential points and details included in the essay. If you forget to write it in your response, you might get a bad score on the PTE writing test.

Do you want to overcome this writing problem? During your review sessions in the PTE preparation online course program, study various types of essays and identify their concluding statement. Doing this enables you to understand the importance of writing the conclusion in an essay.

3. Failing to understand the topic

In writing an essay, your task is to write a 200- to 300-word argumentative essay in response to a prompt or topic. The PTE writing prompts or topics might ask you to choose your side between two conflicting points or to express your opinion about a current issue. If you find it hard to understand your writing prompt or topic, it might be problematic.

To help you overcome this, follow these two practical tips:

• Highlight the key points in the writing prompt or topic.

• Re-write the writing prompt or topic in your own words.

Doing these enables you to get the gist of the writing prompt or topic so you can start thinking of the ideas that you may want to include in your essay.

4. Not proofreading the essay

Proofreading means examining your essay carefully to find and correct typographical and grammatical errors. Not proofreading your essay during the PTE writing test you might cause you to not get your desired PTE writing score goal.

As a test taker attending a PTE online test training program, it is essential that you learn how to proofread your essay properly. During your online review classes, write as many essays as you can and run them through a grammar checker app. Observe how the app checks your essays and apply the same principles when you are doing the checking.

5. Wasting too much time thinking of the ideas to write

Time management plays a crucial role in the PTE writing test. In the summarize written text, you only have 10 minutes to write your response. In writing an essay, you must construct an essay in 20 minutes. As a PTE Academic test, it is important to maximize the time during these writing sections so you will not end up getting a low score on the PTE writing test.

If you want to learn how to manage your time during the writing test, follow these two useful strategies:

• Take down notes while reading the instructions or the writing prompts. Doing this enables you to understand the topic better.

• Focus on your writing task and block out other unimportant things.

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