5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your PTE Reading Score

Honing your reading skills is essential in the PTE Academic test. As a test taker enrolled in a PTE online training program, finding ways to boost your reading comprehension is quite challenging. To help you overcome this, read and follow these five common mistakes that you need to avoid during the PTE reading test:

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1. Not understanding the questions carefully

The PTE reading test consists of five question types: multiple choice, single answer; multiple choice, multiple answer; re-order paragraphs; fill in the blanks; and reading & writing fill in the blanks. As a test taker, it is vital to understand these questions types so you will know how to answer them properly.

If you don’t read each question carefully, you might answer the questions incorrectly. For instance, choosing two options in a multiple-choice test will cause you to get a low score in the PTE reading test. Read and analyze the questions before answering them.

2. Reading the entire passage for all the questions

Since time management is important in the PTE reading test, don’t waste your time reading the entire passage for all the question types. However, some test takers are guilty of doing this mistake. If you want to avoid this during the reading test, follow these two simple reading tips:

– Skim and scan the text to get its main idea.
– Write down all the essential details of the text including the headings and subheadings, key points, and the concluding statement.

During your PTE preparation online review classes, look for various reading passages or texts and apply these tips to boost your PTE reading preparation.

3. Leaving the answer blank

Most test takers think that the best thing to handle difficult questions is to leave them blank. However, doing this will greatly affect your overall PTE reading score. When you don’t answer a question, you miss the chance of earning more points in the reading test.

Do you want to know how to work on challenging questions in the PTE reading test? Check out these two practical points:

– Use the process of elimination in the multiple-choice tasks. To do this properly, remove all the answer options that are obviously incorrect and select the best answer from the remaining choices.
– In fill in the blanks and re-order paragraphs tests, think about the words that you often see or hear together and use your critical-thinking skills to help you select the correct word or paragraph.

4. Spending too much time on one question

The PTE Academic test takes about 32–41 minutes and contains 15–20 independent and integrated skills questions. As a test taker, it is vital to manage your time on each question. If you use too much time answering a specific question, you will not be able to answer the remaining questions.

To overcome this, answer various PTE reading practice tests during your PTE online training review sessions so you will learn how to manage your time on each question.

5. Not checking your answers

Many test takers tend to forget to check their answers in the PTE reading test. If you don’t check your answers, you lose the chance to correct mistakes or errors (grammar, sentence structure, punctuations, and spelling) that you have done during the reading test.

As a test taker, it is essential that you reread and analyze all of your answers in the reading test to check if there are any corrections that you need to do before you submit your answers.

Do you want to get more test-taking tips and strategies? Enroll now in any PTE preparation online review classes and check out our blog today!

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