4 Words You Need to Keep Off Your PTE Essays (Part 4)

Poor word choice is one of the things that keep many PTE takers from scoring high in the writing exam. They put so much effort into demonstrating their extensive vocabulary that they end up making their works unnecessarily long and tedious. Don’t make the same mistake.

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Keep your writings clear and direct. Below are four of the most frequently used words that you need to keep off your writings. Consider them whenever you write essays during your PTE Manila review sessions.

1. Nature

While there’s nothing wrong with using “nature” to define something’s character, it’s still best not to use it when you write. Using “nature” often only makes a statement unnecessarily wordy. So, drop them from your essays. Paraphrase sentences that contain it.


Television programs of a violent nature are seldom aired in that channel.

Violent television programs are seldom aired in that channel. OR

Television programs that contain excessive violence are seldom aired in that channel.

2. ‘Til

Using “till” instead of “until” is only acceptable during informal or casual conversations, never during academic writing. So, always write in it in full.


She didn’t stop reviewing her PTE course materials ‘til she knew what they contained inside out.

She didn’t stop reviewing her PTE course materials until she knew what they contained inside out.

3. Somehow/Somewhat

If you see these words in your PTE Manila essays, don’t hesitate to delete them. “Somehow” and “somewhat” often contributes nothing to a statement. Use them only during casual conversations.


He is somehow going to make it.

He is going to make it.

The morning is somewhat cold and dreary.

The morning is cold and dreary.

4. Quite

Like “very” and “really,” “quite” is an intensifier that you can definitely do without. Avoid using it to highlight the extremity of an adverb or adjective. Use accurate adjectives instead. It’ll demonstrate your English mastery better.


The horror house is quite scary.

The horror house is terrifying.

Refrain from using words and phrases that contribute nothing to your works. Keep these words off your essays. Want to learn more ways to refine your word choice and score high in the writing exam? Enroll in our PTE course. Click here to find out how we can help you ace the high-stakes test.

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