4 Ultimate Tips for the PTE Reading: Re-order Paragraphs

PTE Reading Sub-test: Re-order Paragraphs

For this PTE Reading Task, you are asked to restore the original order of the paragraphs in the text by selecting text boxes and dragging them into their correct position. This reading task consists of 2–3 questions, and each text is up to 150 words. The PTE Reading: Re-order Paragraphs Task measures your ability to understand how different paragraphs connect to each other. 

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Most students enrolled in PTE Makati find the Re-order Paragraphs Task as one of the most challenging components of the PTE Reading Test. In order to accomplish this reading task, here are ultimate tips that can help you.

4 Ultimate Tips for PTE Reading: Re-order Paragraphs

If you’re a test taker enrolled in a PTE review center, it is important to find several test-taking strategies and techniques that can help boost your exam preparation and ace this reading task. To help you achieve this, read and follow these four ultimate tips:

1.Look for the topic sentence

The topic sentence clearly introduces the main idea of the text. This type of sentence does not begin with a linker or a pronoun that refers back to something or someone (e.g., she or this) and does not refer to any information or actions previously mentioned through the use of words or phrases like passive verb tenses. Look for a paragraph that contains proper nouns such as names of a person, place or thing.

2. Find critical points

Read the paragraphs and identify their overall gist. List down all the critical points you found in each paragraph. Apply a practical note-taking technique to organize your notes properly. The following is a list of note-taking strategies that you can use during the exam: 

• The Cornell Method
• The Charting Method
• The Sentence Method

Want to know more about these note-taking techniques? Check out our blog archives now!

3. Search for transitional words

Transitional words are used when adding new paragraphs or concluding the text. Some examples of transitional words are however, therefore, moreover, hence, consequently, etc. Skim the text and highlight all the transitional words you found in each paragraph.

4. Read the text after reordering the paragraphs

After rearranging the paragraphs, read the text to check if you reordered them appropriately. During your study time or review class in PTE Makati, practice reordering and reading a text as fast as efficiently as you can. Doing this can help save you valuable, which you can then spend on other tasks of the PTE Reading Test.

Need more? Enroll now in a PTE review center and don’t forget to check out our blog for more test-taking strategies and review tips!

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