34 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for the Busy Student

When looking for the perfect PTE course, keep in mind that the PTE Academic test is a fully computerized examination. Hence, it is vital that your review facility is well-equipped to accommodate your training needs.

The PTE review center in Baguio, for instance, assigns a computer to each of its students for the duration of their PTE course. This is the ideal arrangement as it will really help you grow accustomed to the digital nature of the test.

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Like any other high-stakes English proficiency exam, the PTE Academic is time-pressured. There are many ways to overcome this obstacle. Some test takers enhance their reading and writing speeds while others hone their comprehension skills. Few examinees, however, think of harnessing the test’s computerized structure.

The Keyword Shortcut Advantage

Do you need to restore your previously deleted last sentence? Are you constantly shifting between tabs while you research supplementary materials online? Just use a keyboard shortcut instead of retyping your deleted lines or switching your tabs with your mouse. Keyboard shortcuts can help you execute these tasks (and more) faster.

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for your exam undertaking:


Create files

  • Create a new document with CTRL+N
  • Open a saved document with CTRL+O
  • Save a new document with F12
  • Save a document with CTRL+S

Edit files

  • Select text with SHIFT + Arrow Keys
  • Select all text with CTRL+A
  • Cut text with CTRL+X
  • Copy text with CTRL+C
  • Paste text with CTRL+V
  • Copy all text and paste into a new file with CTRL+A+C+N+V
  • Bold text with CTRL+B
  • Italicize text with CTRL+I
  • Underline text with CTRL+U
  • Undo action with CTRL+Z
  • Redo action with CTRL+Y
  • Find a word or phrase with CTRL+F

Move through files

  • Press HOME to go to the beginning of a line
  • Press END to go to the beginning of a line
  • Press PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN to move quickly through the document
  • Go to the beginning of the entire document with CTRL+Home
  • Go to the beginning of the entire document with CTRL+End

Navigate your desktop

  • Switch through open programs quickly with ALT+TAB
  • Return to your desktop with WINDOWS KEY + D
  • Minimize all your open programs with WINDOWS KEY + M
  • Close a program with ALT+F4

Streamline your browser experience

  • Open a new browser tab with CTRL+T
  • Open a new browser window with CTRL+N
  • Open a previously closed browser tab with CTRL+SHIFT+T
  • Switch browser tabs with CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
  • Switch to a specific browser tab with CTRL+ the number of your target tab
  • Go to the address bar with CTRL+L
  • Find a word or phrase with CTRL+F
  • Close the current browser tab with CTRL+F4 or CTRL+W
  • Close a browser window with ALT+F4

Adding keyboard shortcuts to your test tools is an excellent way to cut time during your PTE review and exam. Enroll in a well-equipped facility like the PTE review center in Baguio and practice these techniques to streamline your test performance.

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