10 PTE Manila Exam Tips for Speaking Task 5: Re-tell a Lecture

Developing your communication skills plays an important role in your PTE Academic test preparation. As a student enrolled in a PTE review center, it is beneficial to look for various test-taking strategies that can help enhance not only your language skills but also your learning abilities. For instance, check out these exam tips on how to ace the PTE Speaking Task 5: Re-tell a Lecture

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10 PTE Manila Exam Tips for Speaking Task 5: Re-tell a Lecture

Re-telling a lecture is one of the challenging tasks in the PTE Speaking Test. It assesses your listening and speaking skills. For this speaking task, you must listen to a short lecture (60–90 seconds) and then speak for 40 seconds, telling the summary of the short lecture. You also have 10 seconds to prepare for your response.

In order to achieve a high band score in this speaking task, below are ten test-taking tips that you can utilize during the exam.

1. Read the instructions. The following are the guidelines that you need to know before taking this speaking task.

The recording status box displays a timer until the microphone opens.

Wait for the short tone before you start speaking.

Don’t start speaking before the microphone open because your voice will not be recorded.

Finish your response before the progress bar reaches the end.

2. You will be given three seconds before you listen to the recording. Use this time to look at the image on the screen. This will give you an idea about the topic of the short lecture.

3. As you listen to the audio clip, list down all the critical points about the short lecture. Use a note-taking technique to organize your notes properly.

4. After listening to the short lecture, maximize the preparation time (40 seconds) to write your response. Make sure that you include all critical points discussed in the short lecture.

5. Keep your response clear and concise. Don’t use words and phrases that are not related to the topic of the short lecture. Stick to the ideas and concepts discussed in the recording.

6. You only have 40 seconds to record your response. Speak clearly and calmly. If you stutter or miss some points, correct yourself and keep talking.

7. Remember that you are only allowed to record your response once. Therefore, avoid pauses, hesitations, and repetitions.

8. Your responses for this speaking task will be judged on three factors:

• Content: Does your response accurately re-tell the information in the short lectures?

• Oral fluency: Does your response establish a smooth, effortless, and natural rate of speech?

• Pronunciation: Does your response exhibit your ability to produce speech sounds similar to most native-English speakers?

9. Practice answering PTE speaking task 5 mock tests. Do this during your review classes in PTE Manila to boost your exam preparation.

10. Maximize your study time by listening to short lectures and re-tell them in your own words.

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