PTE Hacks: Effective Reading Strategies

Some people find reading an arduous task. It requires comprehension, focus, and patience. In the PTE review center Philippines, you will find that reading is a fun activity. Instructors in the PTE review center Philippines will guide you and develop your reading skills.

Aside from attending classes in training institutions, such as the PTE review center in Manila, another way to combat your reading anxiety is to develop reading strategies.


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Here are some useful reading techniques to aid your training in the PTE Review Center.


Skimming involves reading only parts of the article to get an overview of the author’s major points of argument. There are two skimming techniques that you can employ:

  1. Start–finish: This strategy is based on the idea that articles are written with this structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. Skimming from start to finish means to carefully read the first few and the final paragraphs of each section.
  2. First sentences: This strategy assumes that the opening sentences of each paragraph present the main idea. Reading the first sentences will give you a clear understanding of the author’s argument.

• Scanning

Scanning means to read a text quickly to locate accurate information. This is different from skimming as the latter aims to get the general idea of the context.

• Previewing

Previewing means to get an idea without reading the body of the article. It helps in deciding whether a piece is useful for your purpose. Previewing means to read the title and author details, abstract (if available), the main headings of the selection, and looking at the images –diagrams, graphs, etc.

• Contextualizing

Contextualizing means reading the text by looking at its historical, biographical, and cultural contexts. It is useful in recognizing the differences between the current and past values and concepts presented in the text.

• Questioning

Questioning means to pose queries focused on the main idea of each paragraph. This reading strategy helps in understanding the details of the selection better. Posing your own questions triggers critical thinking and allows easy comprehension of difficult concepts.

• Comparing and Contrasting

Comparing and contrasting means to explore the differences and similarities of how ideas are presented in a selection. This allows looking at concepts in a wider perspective. It also improves your understanding of the author’s approach to tackling issues.

These are just some of the reading strategies that you can employ to improve your reading venture. Learn more techniques and develop your comprehension and reading skills with JRooz PTE Review Center Philippines.

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