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As one of the best providers of Pearson Test of English Academic review, PTE Academic offers an affordable PTE review package without sacrificing content coverage and quality. Our PTE package has all your PTE exam preparation needs covered.


The PTE is one of the world’s leading computer-based language proficiency examination. It evaluates a non-native English speaker’s communicative abilities in a three-hour test that focuses on the four main linguistic skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. The exam is facilitated at Pearson-certified test centers. As one of the leading PTE review centers in the Philippines, PTE Academic can help you hone your English abilities and exceed your desired PTE score.

To become PTE-ready, test takers must know the various ins and outs of the high-stakes exam. Maximising your preparation time by attending intensive PTE training programmes, availing tailored PTE packages and taking comprehensive PTE courses are some of the best ways to prepare for the test. The PTE Academic review programme can cater to all your review needs. Knowing which version of the PTE exam you are going to take can also improve your chances of accomplishing your score goals.


PTE Academic results are evaluated based on the Global Scale of English, a standardised measure that accurately assesses an individual’s English proficiency level. Test scores are emailed to examinees as soon as they are calculated, with the grades for each linguistic component presented to show a comprehensive overview of their performance.


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The PTE has three versions: the PTE Academic, the PTE General and the PTE Young Learners examinations. These language proficiency assessments essentially gauge the test takers’ English communication skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) and enabling skills (oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and written discourse).

The PTE training programme we offer is focused on the PTE Academic version which is designed to help test takers seeking to continue their college studies abroad, pursue professional registration or migrate to an English-speaking country. Our PTE review package also prepares test takers by helping them improve their real-life English communication abilities in an everyday setup and in an academic environment.


The PTE Academic examination is acknowledged by thousands of universities abroad - including prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, Yale, and INSEAD. The Australian government, which requires proof of English proficiency from incoming immigrants, also accepts its results for visa application purposes.

PTE Academic training courses are designed to help test takers who are seeking to: continue their college studies abroad, pursue professional registration, and migrate to an English-speaking country. PTE review packages prepare test takers by helping them improve their real-life English communication abilities in an everyday setup and in an academic environment.


The PTE General Training examination is recognized by many educational institutions and government bodies around the world as evidence of a person's English language proficiency. Formerly known as the London Test of English, its results can help individuals secure government and private employment, accomplish post-graduate studies requirements, and establish English fluency level.

General Training PTE review packages are designed to help exam takers hone their everyday English communication skills in preparation for PTE's two-part evaluation: a written test and an interview.


The PTE Young Learner’s Test is an evaluation for children aged 5-12 years old. Formerly known as the London Test of English for Children, It was designed to be more interactive and engaging as it assesses young English users. The test assess the children’s ability to use and understand the English language through a listening, reading, writing, and speaking examination.