Grammar Rules: The Importance of Capitalizations

Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes that PTE test takers should watch out for is not the errors made when dealing with complex grammar concepts but the basic missteps like wrong punctuation and capitalization?

Taking classes in an excellent training facility, like the PTE review in Makati, can help you master the core grammar lessons of the English language. PTE review instructors from exceptional learning centers understand the importance of establishing strong language foundations – especially elementary principles like capitalization.

The Importance of Capitalizations

Make sure that your essays and answers are grammatically correct by consciously integrating the following rules to your PTE review practices.

  • Rule #1: Capitalize the first letter of every sentence. If your sentence is enclosed in quotation marks, capitalize the first letter. If your sentence is preceded by a question or an exclamation, capitalize the first letter.

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
    “Can you please close the door on your way out?” he said.
    Do you need anything? I’m going downstairs to buy lunch.
    Get out! The building is on fire.

  • Rule #2: Capitalize pronouns that are situated at the beginning of a sentence.

    He wanted to eat lasagna for lunch.
    She never trusted herself when it came to those kinds of things.
    It was sitting innocently on top of her desk.
    We wanted to celebrate Christmas with you.
    They said they wouldd be here at six.

  • Rule # 3: Capitalize “I” no matter where it is located in the sentence.

    I need to stop getting myself in this kind of situations.
    You and I can visit her this weekend.

  • Rule # 4: Capitalize proper nouns regardless of where they are located in the sentence. Proper nouns include the names and titles of people, places, events, literary pieces, television shows, movies, organizations, brands, and so on.

  • Examples:
    Percy was not amused.
    They wanted to visit the Grand Canyon next fall.
    William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the most debatable plays in their class.

  • Rule # 5: Capitalize the title that precedes names.

    Professor Chase is one of the more eccentric instructors in their university.
    Doctor Solace handed him a prescription.

  • Rule # 6: Capitalize the names of days, months, and holidays.
    The paper was due on Monday.

    He hated the cold winds of December.
    She thought Valentine’s Day was a clever marketing ploy.

  • Rule # 7: Capitalize acronyms.

    NASA announced the convention date yesterday.
    The FBI agents discreetly checked the place.

Consider the seven golden rules mentioned above during your PTE preparations. Hone your writing skills by taking classes in the PTE review in Makati to ensure the production of essays that are free from capitalization mistakes.

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