PTE Course Tips: How to Avoid Study Burnouts

Are you starting to feel the demands of your intensive PTE course?

The pressure to remember your lectures, perform well in practice exams, and absorb all your instructor’s feedback. The struggle to balance your personal commitments, work/college life, and test preparations. Add to that the overwhelming strain you’ll feel increasing as your PTE test date approaches, and you’re well on your way to experiencing a classic crippling burnout.

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5 Journal Prompts to Enhance Your PTE Writing Skills

The best way to enhance your writing skills and become a good writer is by simply writing more. Although quality may be more important than quantity, all great writers understand that it is the quantity of practice that enables them to produce the highest quality of work. For exam takers who are attending a Pearson Test of English Philippines review center, finding ways to improve their writing skills is vital as it can help develop their PTE preparation. For instance, using journal prompts is a great way to enrich your writing skills.

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PTE Review Tips: How to Apply Rote Learning

The ability to memorize a lot of information is an important factor for students who are preparing for an upcoming examination. Although memorization isn’t the most effective way to learn, it is a great method that most students and teachers still use. As a PTE test taker, enhancing your memorization skills is essential as it can help boost your learning skills and get your PTE score goal. For instance, rote learning is an effective study technique that students can use in their PTE review packages.

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PTE Manila Hacks: How to Become a Better Typist

Did you know that your typing abilities can affect your PTE performance? It’s because PTE is a computerized language exam. All the components, from the listening to the speaking tests, are conducted via computer.

Not a lot of test takers are aware of this when they prepare for the exam. They enroll in excellent review centers like the JRooz PTE Manila and engage in intensive self-study sessions only to fall short of reaching the highest score they could achieve due to their inadequate typing skills. Don’t be one of them.

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PTE Checklist: Things You Should Have On Your Test Date

Are you taking the PTE Academic exam? Make sure everything goes without a hitch on your test date. Here’s a list of all the things you need to bring—and why you need to bring them—on the day of your exam.

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The Test Taker’s Guide to PTE Packages and Test Versions

Pearson Test of English is the most prominent computer-based language assessment test in the world designed for non-native English speakers who wish to pursue their education in English speaking countries. If you are interested in taking this language examination, you need to enroll in a Pearson center. Instructors in such institutions shall help you develop your communications skills and increase your chances of acing the examination.

For instance, JRooz Review Center is the country’s leading PTE Academic review center providing the best training course programs helping test takers reach their full potential and achieve their PTE score goals. Moreover, this PTE Academic Review Center also offers quality review materials and up-to-date mock examinations that can help boost your PTE preparation. With its flexible review schedules and top-caliber instructors, JRooz PTE Academic Review Center can help test takers sharpen their verbal fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

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Student’s Guide to PTE Academic

Studying abroad opens up a lot of opportunities to elevate your academic career. In addition, it can also boost your professional growth, help you discover new career paths, hone your interpersonal skills and broaden your personal experiences. If you want to pursue studies abroad, taking the PTE Academic is essential.

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15 Smart Idioms for PTE Test Takers (Part 3)

Building up your vocabulary during your PTE training period will give you an edge when you take the exam. It’ll limit the moments when you have to pause and…

…analyze context clues to understand uncommon English expressions;
…search for the correct word or phrase to get your message across; and
…calm yourself because you’re worried that you misused an expression.

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PTE Hacks: How to Improve Your English During Your Spare Time

Extend your test preparations beyond the walls of your PTE review center. Here are seven easy and effective ways to improve your English communication skills during your spare time.

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14 Things Every PTE Test Taker Should Know About the Exam

Whether you are planning to enroll in a PTE review center or you are already attending classes in one, it’s critical that you know all the things on this list. Here’s why.


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